Rent Turkey property

Generally renting a property in Turkey falls into 3 categories:

1: Mainly you choose to rent Turkey property if you have decided to move to Turkey but prefer to hold back before investing, making sure that you have chosen your desired area well and you are happily settled there.

2: Possibly you are looking for a holiday and prefer to rent a private apartment or villa for the duration of your stay instead of booking into a hotel.

3: Or are you taking a year out, you want to explore another country and culture and spend your year relaxing and simply enjoying life in a new and vibrant country without committing to investing.

1: Renting before buying – Is it time for a new challenge? Are you ready to up sticks and try somewhere different maybe not a new town or even county, are you ready for an adventure in a new country? If so well done you, for thinking outside of the box and there is no better country to try than Turkey. If you have been to Turkey before you already know what an exciting and colourful country it is. It doesn’t matter whether your preference is a city or a beach resort you already know it’s like a breath of fresh air full of exotic charm and you will be spoilt for choice. Nobody can blame you if you’re not quite ready to take the plunge and invest in a property just yet and you don’t need to, with an abundance of rent Turkey property available you can take your time to make up your mind where you want to settle down. Istanbul, Bodrum and Antalya are the favourites to rent first and then buy. Cosmopolitan cities lure the likes of people who want art, museums and cities rich in culture so they can spend endless days sightseeing. Istanbul is a great favourite to rent an apartment where everything is right on your doorstep, once your acquainted with the area and made friends you can embrace the culture and meet friends for coffee at one of the many wonderful cafes that line the streets. Bodrum has a fabulous marina overlooking the castle and this is the place to hang out. Most people who visit Bodrum prefer to rent a villa for a number of reasons. Its more laid back and most villas tend to be just on the outskirts only by 5 or 10 minutes but a villa here is a peaceful place to return to after a days shopping or having lunch at the harbour. Antalya has it all and is one of the most favoured resorts in Turkey to visit. Here both apartments and villas are extremely rentable and the young and trendy will rent an apartment because they want to be in the hub, again renting a villa is ideal so you can escape to the peace and quiet just a few minutes from the hustle and bustle.

2: Holiday rental – Its that time of year again you want to travel to Turkey for your holiday but you don’t fancy a hotel or the all inclusive deals anymore. You’re tired and you need time away to relax and not clock watch meal times for example. Ideally a private villa with its own swimming pool will do the trick nicely and this is generally what a family would opt for. By renting a private villa, it allows more space, freedom of movement and more importantly privacy. As nice as hotels are, the rooms are small and a family of 4 can feel cramped which can lead to arguments basically because you are all on top of each other. A villa will allow children their own rooms and parents can have a bit of space because they need to relax too. Favourite beach resorts for family holiday rentals are Bodrum, Alanya and Fethiye to name just a few. Groups of young friends away on holiday together will want to party and be where there are great beaches and vibrant nightlife so they head to Bodrum, Altinkum and Antalya and they will opt for an apartment or several apartments in the same complex. Their rental apartment will mainly be a holiday base and they will go off to the beach daily or the odd boat trip and of course they will get ready and head off for the night to dance the night away.

3: Taking a year out – it all depends what you’re looking for whether its music festivals, art galleries and museums or sightseeing or you want palm fringed beaches with scenic views across either the Mediterranean or Aegean. An apartment or a villa will suit your needs it all hinges on what you want.

Apartments – can start from 1 bedroom up to 4 bedroom duplexes, they can be part of a small block with no communal pool or other facilities. Then again they can be part of a sprawling complex with communal pools, bar, café, restaurant, gym, children’s play area and much more. They are usually close to beaches (within walking distance) and close to shops, bars, cafes, restaurants, banks, chemists and markets. Renting an apartment means you’re never really far away from a resort centre which is ideal for all wanting to be close to the action.

Villas – can start from 2 bedrooms to 6 or more, with plenty of bathrooms, a private swimming pool and enclosed garden. If you are renting a villa on a complex then you are able to use any facilities on there. Villas often tend not to be in the resort centre itself but only a few minutes outside offering more serene and peaceful surroundings. Usually close to shops, bars, cafes and restaurants in areas offering space and picturesque views. Often they have BBQs so you have the option to eat at home in the privacy of the garden in a relaxed atmosphere.

Whether you choose a stylish apartment or villa to rent Turkey property, enjoy the lifestyle!